Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Creators

                                                The Creators.                                                    By Alpha Omega Diallo

Bang! Bang!, that's the sound of my creation.
       From Afghanistan to Vietnam to America.
 Boom! Boom!, that the sound of my fulfillment.
       From china to Mesopotamia to Ancient Rome
I have lived in the hearts of men, always getting stronger.

From the big bang to the creation of the planet, I have existed.
I'm not an alien. I am not a being.
I'm the heart, the promise.
I'm the creator and the destroyer.

While your heart is beating...
somewhere In the world, I'm being created.
My hunger is the black smoke in the air.
My arrival is the sound of gun shots.

My laughter is the promise of To Protect and To serve,
a promise that's never fulfilled.
I can fly in the deepest part of the ocean and
smile inside the explosion of a supernova.

Do you want to know who I am?
I'm the one they turn to when their options are limited,
I'm the one they turn to when they are angry,
I'm the one they depend on when they failed.

Yet they mistake me for a terrorist, a fugitive.
Yet they blame me for killing others.
Yet they say I'm the bad guy.
But how????

I am the results of their creation!!
I am the results of their anger!!!!!
I am the results of their intelligence, of their curiosity.

My nemesis is a five-letter word that humanity
had not seen since the dawn of mankind. PEACE
I was...
I am...
I will be ...

    "Don't forget that you created me."

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